“I'm sure tomorrow won't be Jane's last lesson as she will still want come to you over her holidays from UK during her "A" level years! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers who have taught Jane. She has enjoyed her lessons with them and learnt much from them. Also, thank you Janice for sorting out all the bookings as well as James and Ian.”

- IGCSE Student, ESF School

“Sophie is a brilliant tutor who helped me improve my Maths a lot. I used to get Grade C in Maths before I knew Sophie, and I now always get Grade A. She is always patient and gives me a lot of support. I’m confident that I can get an A* in IGCSE.”

- IGCSE student, International School

“We were very impressed with International Tutors. They quickly established a good rapport with both our sons and engaged
them in a substantive yet fun learning environment. Our younger son even said his lessons were better than video games!”

- Primary 4 and 6

“James is a brilliant tutor with profound knowledge whose deep intellect spans a range of disciplines. Moreover he is witty, engaging and caring and has become a key mentor to me. James is supported by a team of first rate tutors who have helped me across all my IB subjects. I recommend International Tutors to anyone who wants a complete tuition service of the highest quality.” 

-  6th Form, Top UK Girl’s Boarding School

“James was always responsible and well-prepared for our lessons. His knowledge and ability to apply it to the exam syllabus so I could improve to a top result was extremely helpful. At the same time, I enjoyed my lessons with James because he was always engaging and very approachable in discussion. In my opinion, James is an outstanding tutor.”

- IGCSE Economics, grade A*

We were very worried about our son’s performance in Maths and Science because these subjects are taught in English in school. Janice is very engaging and made the lessons interesting for our son who really enjoys having lessons with Janice. He has improved greatly in both subjects after having lessons with Janice.

-Local School S2

“Ian helped me improve my History grade from a B to an A* in just a few months, by carefully reviewing the topics with me and discussing the issues around them. The subject came alive and I found an interest in it that I never knew I had. Ian demonstrated a profound knowledge of history that he was able to deliver in a stimulating manner.” 

- IGCSE Student, ESF School

"International Tutors’ support was instrumental in helping our daughter achieve an offer from Cambridge University and in preparing her for her written tests and interviews. It is our pleasure to recommend International Tutors’ private tuition and university entrance consultancy to anyone who is looking to secure entry to the best universities."

- FIS, Final Year Student

“We came to Ian to help our daughter with her English. He was always well prepared, with diverse material to help engage and stretch her.
She made real progress in her reading and writing and looked forward to the lessons each week.”

- Grade 5, Hong Kong Local School

“I have had the privilege to be taught Mandarin by Xia for over a year. She quickly understood my level and needs and is always attentive and engaging.
Her knowledge of all aspects of Mandarin is truly impressive, as is her patience and attention to detail.”

- CEO, Hedge Fund

“I was worried because my daughter used to hate Maths before I came to International Tutors. My daughter enjoys having lessons with Sophie. Her unique teaching skills helped my daughter see that Maths was not as difficult as she thought. My daughter is making good progress and she enjoys school more than before.”

- 9-year-old girl, Local School

I went to Janice for help with my IGCSE Chemistry and Biology. The sciences were never my best subjects and I was predicted to get ‘B’s in both subjects by my school. I found Janice to be always patient and very good at explaining scientific concepts by linking them with real life examples. I was very pleased when I found out that I got A* in both subjects!

-ESF School Year 11

“I wanted to study engineering at university, so it was important for me to get good results in IB Maths but I found HL Maths hard. The tutors at International Tutors didn’t simply tell me the answers to problems but guided me to gather the knowledge I needed to tackle the problems myself. This not only helped me do better in Maths but also in other subjects.”

- IB student, International School



$280 (includes welcome pack)

Tuition Centre Prices

Expert Tutor:

$780 per hour

Premium Expert Tutor:

$1,180 per hour
Management Tutor: $1,480 per hour
James ffitzRoy & Jerome Barty-Taylor: $2,080 per hour

Our tuition centres are located in Wan Chai (Shui On Centre) and Tsim Sha Tsui (Miramar Tower). Other prime tuition centres are available at home visit rates.

Home Visit Surcharges
Fixed fee per tutor per visit

Island North:

$300 (minimum lesson charge 1.25 hours per visit)

Island South: $400 (minimum lesson charge 1.5 hours per visit)
Discovery Bay & Kowloon: $500 (minimum lesson charge 2 hours per visit)
Additional Students: $200 per hour per student
Sundays and Public Holidays: $100 per hour


Junior (Up to Age 10):

-$200 per hour
Local School Students (All ages): -$200 per hour
Non-Private Space:
(Can be combined with other discounts)
-$150 per hour

Small Group Lessons

Series of 8x1.5 hour Lessons:

From $4,560/$5,760
(equivalent to $380/$480 per hour)


Holistic Services:
Education Consultancy: From

$980 per hour



$780 per hour


Mock Exams (ITMES):

Full version
'Light' version


$480 per hour

Editing/Proofreading (EPR):

Grammar/style only


$380 per hour
$580 per hour



$580 per hour

Homework Setting & Marking (HSM):

Full version
'Light' version


$580 per hour
$380 per hour

Private tuition room hire:

Registered Students
Non-Registered Students


$180 per hour
$280 per hour

Additional Feedback Reports:   $100 per report

Terms and Conditions/Cancellation Policy

Private Lessons


1. The following terms and conditions form part of every booking and the client is deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions by making a booking with International Tutors (“ITL”). Once a client has been sent a copy of these terms and conditions, or as amended as per clause 2, the terms and conditions will apply to any and all future bookings, unless new terms are sent, regardless of whether terms have been sent with specific reference to a particular booking.

2. ITL reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.

3. Throughout this document, the term “Lessons” refers to and includes all chargeable services including academic lessons, consultancy sessions, mock exam sessions, coaching and mentoring sessions, nutrition and wellness consultancy sessions, and hours undertaken for editing and proofreading consultancy and homework setting.

4. The term “Tutor”, where used generally and unless specified otherwise, refers to both Expert Tutors and Premium Expert Tutors. Members of the management team are deemed Premium Expert Tutors (and therefore “Tutors” as it applies to this clause) unless explicitly stated otherwise.

5. Should any part, clause(s) or sub-clause(s) of this contract be unenforceable, the rest of this contract will remain in force without these parts, clause(s) and sub-clause(s). Any liability on ITL’s part will be limited strictly to the clause or sub-clause in which the liability occurs and such liability will have no effect on the remainder of this contract which will otherwise apply in full.

6. ITL may from time to time take photos and videos of students for legitimate marketing purposes. No data will be released without prior written parental consent. Please contact us if you do not wish ITL to take such photos or videos.

Contractual Parties

7. The parties to this contract are the client and ITL: there is no contract between the client and any one or more individual tutor(s). All the terms of this contract apply to ITL as an entity not to individual tutors. This includes the provision of lessons: lessons are provided by ITL and ITL’s obligation is to provide a qualified tutor. Lessons are not provided by any individual tutor and ITL has no responsibility to provide any specific individual tutor.

Scheduling Lessons

8. All lessons can be scheduled only through ITL’s office and confirmed in writing.

8.1. Lessons cannot be arranged directly with tutors. Where lessons are scheduled directly with tutors, ITL has no obligation to provide the lesson. Arranging lessons privately with any ITL tutor (or any tutor introduced to the student/parent through their relationship with ITL) is strictly prohibited except with written authorisation from ITL. ITL will be paid at its full rate for any lessons that take place contrary to this condition.

9. The client agrees that ITL will allocate the tutor who best matches the student's needs. Where a particular tutor is requested, ITL will do its best to provide that tutor but does not guarantee the provision of any particular tutor. ITL reserves the right, and the client agrees to this reservation of rights, to change the tutor at any time but will always provide a qualified tutor for lessons. Where a client has paid for a Premium Expert Tutor, ITL will provide a Premium Expert Tutor, or, if providing an Expert Tutor, will credit any price difference to the next invoice. ITL reserves the right to reschedule the lesson to a mutually convenient time if a suitable tutor is unavailable at the original times. No refund will be made in respect of a client’s refusal to accept a change of tutor.

10. All students are welcome to request initial and assessment lessons on a paid basis. Further lessons are arranged on an on-going basis and are scheduled as a block. The client agrees that there is no guarantee or implication that the tutor assigned to any initial or assessment lesson(s) will be the same as the tutor(s) assigned to conduct any subsequent lessons, including lessons for which the client has already paid. Nor is there any obligation on ITL’s part to provide the same tutor for a new series booking. Further, where a Premium Expert Tutor is provided at the Expert Tutor rate, ITL does not guarantee to continue to provide such a Premium Expert Tutor unless a Premium Expert Tutor rate is paid. No refund will be made in respect of a client’s refusal to accept a different tutor from the tutor assigned to the initial or assessment lesson(s).

Rescheduling Lessons

11. When a lesson or lesson series is scheduled a tutor is allocated to each lesson in the series and the time of the allocated tutor(s) is reserved. Therefore the lesson or lesson series is not cancellable and no refunds will be made. However lessons may be re-scheduled subject to the following terms.

11.1. All requests for re-scheduling must be made to ITL by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Notice given directly to tutors will not be accepted as notice of re-scheduling.

11.2. Notice of intention to reschedule a lesson must be received by 6pm on the last working day before the scheduled lesson. No lesson will be rescheduled if notice is not received by 6pm the working day before the scheduled lesson. In this case the lesson will go ahead at the original time and will be forfeited if the client does not attend it. (For the avoidance of doubt “working days” means Monday to Saturday inclusive. The only exception is a statutory holiday that falls between Monday to Saturday inclusive, which is not a working day. Sundays are not working days.)

11.3. Each lesson may be re-scheduled, subject to an administration fee of $100 per each re-scheduled lesson, provided that both (a) the fee is paid, and (b) the re-scheduled date and time of lesson is confirmed, before 6pm the working day before the original date of the lesson. If either or both, the re-scheduling fee is not paid and/or the rescheduled date and time is not confirmed, before 6pm the working day before the original date of the lesson, that lesson will not be re-scheduled and will be forfeited if the client does not appear for the originally scheduled class. Each individual lesson is treated separately.

11.4. Shortening of the lesson duration is not permitted. The student may leave the lesson early but there will be no refund.

11.5. Lengthening of the lesson is permitted, subject to the availability of a suitable tutor.

11.6. In the event that a lesson re-scheduling is necessary due to illness, such lesson(s) may be re-scheduled to a mutually agreeable time free of charge provided that reasonable notice is given where possible, that the re-scheduled lesson takes place within one month of the originally scheduled lesson, and an acceptable doctor’s certificate is provided certifying the illness.

12. In emergency or exceptional circumstances notification may be provided by phone to 2824 8824. Such verbal notification should be supported in writing as soon as practicable thereafter.

13. Any re-scheduling must be done in accordance with clauses 11 and 12 above. If not, all such lesson(s) will be forfeited and the client agrees that no refunds will be given.


14. In the event of a student giving notice of non-attendance of a scheduled lesson no later than one hour before the start of the lesson, unless previously re-scheduled, the student will be given the option of ITL undertaking either editing and proofreading service (‘EPR’) or homework setting and marking service (‘HSM’) in place of the missed lesson. The student must submit work for EPR or agree to undertake HSM. Where a student does not submit work or agree to undertake HSM, or where notice of non-attendance is not given by one hour before the start of the lesson, or where the student does not show for the scheduled lesson, no EPR or HSM will be undertaken and instead clause 15 below will apply.

15. Cancellation and/or non-attendance of a lesson will forfeit the full cost of the lesson. No refund will be provided.


16. The client agrees that liability for payment is incurred and becomes binding on the client upon confirmation of the lesson schedule, at which point the entire amount for all lessons in the schedule is due. 

17. If payment has not been made in advance of the first lesson, the client’s liability for payment remains even if the student does not attend the first or any subsequent lessons. Under these circumstances payment should be made as soon as possible to avoid a late payment fee.

18. Payment may be made directly into one of ITL’s authorized bank accounts, details of which will be included on the invoice and are available upon request; by cheque (by post or in person); or in cash (in person). For invoices over HK$5,000, ITL may arrange to collect payment by appointment. All payments should be made directly to ITL, its directors or authorized representatives, not to individual tutors.

19. Payment of the full invoice for all the lessons booked must be made before the start of the first lesson to which the payment applies. If payment of the full amount of the invoice is not received in advance of the start of the first lesson for which the payment applies, the payment will be deemed late. Late payment will be subject to an administration charge of $880. ITL reserves the right to suspend lessons where there is an overdue payment until the outstanding balance has been cleared. Any such lessons which are suspended will be forfeited without refund. For each 28 days for which the payment remains overdue a further administration charge of $880 will be applied. Should payment be overdue by 56 or more days legal action for recovery may be commenced and the client will indemnify ITL for all legal costs incurred.

20. The client understands and agrees that ITL has spent considerable time, effort and expense to be in a position to provide the services contracted. Once the client has booked lessons with ITL, the charge for those lessons is fully due and once paid to ITL, is not refundable in part or in full. The client understands and agrees that in the event the client does not proceed with any of the contracted lessons, the full amount of any outstanding payment for such lessons remains due, and clauses 16 to 19 remain in force. Further, any sums paid by the client to ITL may be retained and any sums owed by the client to ITL will be paid to ITL as liquidated damages for compensation resulting from client’s failure to complete all lessons contracted.

Special Promotions, discounts and waivers

21. From time to time, limited availability promotions or discounts may apply. For such promotions full payment must be received before the lessons are booked and the tutors’ time is reserved. The payment is non-cancellable and non-refundable. Lesson shortening is not permitted. For Special Promotions, lessons may only be re-scheduled subject to a $200 administration fee per re-scheduling. Both the fee and the new time and date of the rescheduled lesson must be received before the time of the original lesson. If the fee is not received or if the rescheduled date and time is not agreed upon, before the original date of the lesson, that lesson will not be re-scheduled and will be forfeited if the client does not appear for the lesson as originally scheduled. Special Promotions cannot be combined with other discounts, promotions or waivers. The client understands that in order to provide promotional rates there may be changes of tutor during the promotional lesson series, to which the client agrees.

22. For all promotions, discounts, VIP account credits or lessons otherwise provided at a rate less than the full published rate, all free and discounted lessons are automatic upon the confirmation of the series of lessons but conditional upon the completion of all booked lessons. For every series booking, the client agrees that the one free lesson with every twelve booked refers to the final (13th) lesson in the series. The five free lessons with every forty booked refers to the final five (41st to 45th) lessons in the series. The client agrees that all complimentary and/or bonus lessons are booked at a rate of $0, not at the rate which would have applied if booked separately, and are conditional upon completion of the series as described above.  Any and all non-full rates are null and void wherever the underlying purchase is not fully paid for and consumed, regardless of the reason for the lack of full consumption.

Lesson Conduct

23. Students should arrive no later than five minutes before the scheduled start of their lessons in order for lessons to start on time. For students arriving less than five minutes before the start of a lesson, the lesson will begin as soon as practicably possible.

24. Students and clients agree to behave politely and respectfully towards all International Tutors’ representatives including staff and tutors at all times. If students and/or clients verbally or otherwise abuse International Tutors’ representatives, ITL reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate lessons without refund.


Small Group Lessons/Special Programmes

25. Payment may be made by bank transfer, cheque (by post or in person) or in cash (in person), a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the first class. All payments should be made directly to the company, its directors or authorized representatives, not individual tutors, in advance of the first lesson to which the invoice applies.


26. All payments are strictly non-refundable. In the event that a student is unable to attend a class 50% of the pro-rated cost of the entire duration of the class may be credited towards a private one-on-one make-up lesson. Notification of non-attendance must be received by 6pm the previous working day.

27. If a student fails to attend a class without notice and if no explanation is received at least 48 hours in advance of the next class, it will be assumed that the student has cancelled all further classes.  Under these circumstances International Tutors has no obligation to provide the class.


Forced Closure

28. The following class arrangements apply when weather conditions are severe, including but not limited to Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning:

a. If in force at 6:15 am, all morning classes commencing between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm will be rescheduled at no additional cost. The re-scheduled lesson must take place within one month of the original lesson.

b. If in force at 12 noon, all afternoon classes commencing at or after 1:00 pm will be rescheduled at no additional cost. The re-scheduled lesson must take place within one month of the original lesson.

c. If put in force while classes are in progress, classes will continue until scheduled finish time (if finished early no refund will be given). Classes not yet commenced will be rescheduled at no additional cost. The re-scheduled lesson must take place within one month of the original lesson.


Entire Agreement Clause

29. The parties agree that these Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement between the parties and that any implied terms whether by statute, common law, custom, trade usage, course of dealings or otherwise in respect of any services to be provided by ITL under this Contract are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

30. Any material amendments to the terms after the date of this document must be made and confirmed in writing by the parties. Specifically, this applies to rescheduling lessons and the related service charge, as well as any other alterations. Any oral alterations to the terms herein are not valid unless in writing and acknowledged by both parties.


Please note: these terms and conditions are designed to ensure the continued provision of high quality tuition to all students and allow International Tutors to offer its Triple Lock Guarantee. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated. Please contact us with questions or comments. (This paragraph does not form part of the contractual terms and conditions.)